Strength Within Tears : A Path To Crying

by Shane E. DeMorais

about the book

After years of struggling to keep himself from crying, Shane E. DeMorais eventually forgot how to cry. His new book Strength Within Tears: A Path To Crying shares his journey of relearning how to cry with the hopes of helping others who might be facing a similar struggle. For some people, the ability to cry when in emotional pain has been purposely forgotten.

When DeMorais was a boy, he decided that crying meant he would no longer cry for fear of appearing vulnerable – a decision that he has seen many other people make for themselves. But later in life DeMorais came to understand that crying was a healthy way to release pain, only to find that he had since forgotten how to cry. Out of that inability to cry, anxiety crept in and took the place of emotional release, and a cycle of pain set in.

Strength Within Tears describes the emotional journey DeMorais embarked on to regain the ability to cry. It describes the emotional events that took their toll on his life, and the courage he gained along the way to finally let go of his youthful decision and purposely seek out a means to induce tears. The result is this book, a guide-of-sorts that will help readers find their way back to the path of crying.